This week Hayley, one of the club’s more recent acquisitions, told us about herself and her life. She said she expected that her dreadlocks would be a subject we would require many answers to, so she started with an explanation, including detailed pictures...
The main reason for deciding to have dreadlocks was to save all the attention normal long hair required, or so Hayley thought. We were then given details of the weaving, crocheting and all the rest of the work required to become dreadlocked, along with graphic illustrations and hair close-ups. It was not suitable for those of a nervous disposition, or those who were ‘follicly’ challenged, although I saw no-one walk out. Hayley did admit that dreadlocks did not significantly reduce the attention her hair required, but after having had them for many years, was still quite attached to them – or as many of us thought, extremely well attached.
What about the rest of Hayley’s life which she was prepared to reveal? This is where a confession of gigantic proportions comes in. I had the pen, I had the paper and I had the incentive to write it all down. But I was so taken with the talk, I only remembered that I was the club reporter as the final applause died down and I saw the blank sheets in front of me
What should I do next? Make it all up? I could do this because, with the latest newsletter format, I could risk the fact that no-one in the club would get the chance to read it. However, my conscience – I do have one – would not let me get away with such deception, and I would probably get caught.
Of the other bits I do remember, Hayley has packed a lot in to her relatively few years. Her family, and her brother in particular, are a very important part of her life. I am sure there are stories to be told of some of the mischief she and her brother will have got up to in their youth. In addition, Hayley has a proud Rotarian heritage in the form of her grandfather and it was why she also wanted to join a club.
We heard about her travels part way across the world to spend some of the money she had saved up. We also heard a lot more, but as noted above, I forgot to write it down. Tony Fullerton-Smith had made a special visit to hear from someone he had introduced to the club. We must thank him for this as I am sure Hayley will be a club asset for many years to come.
For those who missed the meeting, I am sorry not to have more detail, but you should have been there for the last meeting of the year. For those who were there, you all remember everything she said anyway, unlike me.
Julian Bateson
Ex, fill-in club reporter, now made redundant due to poor performance reviews