The RYLA programme is a challenging five days live-in experience and is designed to unleash participants' leadership potential. The Rotary Club of Port Nicholson will nominate a participant aged 18 to 24 years for this annual programme. We are looking for young people with leadership potential. Participants may be in employment (from trades to professionals), undertaking study, competitive sport, recipients of community awards or similar. For more background information about RYLA, go to https://www.ryla9940.co.nz/what-is-ryla RYLA 2023 will be held at Forest Lakes, Otaki, from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th January 2023. Registrations of interest are open and should be made on the RYLA website at https://www.ryla9940.co.nz/home You should indicate that the Rotary Club of Port Nicholson is your chosen sponsor. When you submit your application to the RYLA website, it will be automatically emailed to us and a copy sent to you.