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Port Nicholson
Darryl's home
2 Bunker Way
Strathmore Park
New Zealand

 Xmas Celebration Dinner.

This year we are having a managed pot luck dinner at Darryl's home in Strathmore Park on Sunday December 12 from 4.30pm.

We will be asking for a small financial contribution to cover some basics (the amount will depend on numbers attending) and once we know who is coming we will allocate what sort of plate each member will bring.

We need to know numbers by Tuesday 7 December so we have time to complete planning, so get in and register now. Bring your spouse, partner or friend and come and enjoy some Xmas fun.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Louise, Philippa, Heather and Darryl



1.  We need your RSVP no later than Tuesday 7 December, 5pm (best to do it now)

2.  Include your email address and mobile number in the response

3.  If you wish to bring guests/spouses/partners add them when you register.

4.  Remember to click "save" at the bottom of the page

5.  If you do not receive a confirmation of registration immediately after you have registered, you have not completed the process.