In a jam-packed omnibus meeting the following happened:



We presented both a cheque and a PHF award to Prof Graham Le Gros (FRSNZ), the Director of the Malaghan Institute.  The cheque represented the funds raised towards the Malaghan from last year’s auction, and the PHF citation acknowledged Prof Le Gros’ commitment to furthering peace and understanding in the world in line with Rotary values.  His research work in the field of allergic and parasitic diseases has made a significant contribution to scientific knowledge and health.  In his remarks the Prof noted that RCPN provided a much appreciated and motivating community face for the Malaghan.




We inducted a new member – welcome Anne Hare.  Anne is a former Olympic athlete and has been an active member in a range of community organisations including the Wellington Trust Board with Dawn and Pres Mark.  She was a former member of Wellington North Rotary Club and is looking forward to being part of RCPN. In welcoming Anne, Dawn Saunders made the comment that whatever Anne undertakes she commits to with vigour and passion – so we warmly welcome Anne as a member. She will be on the Youth Committee.


We had a heartfelt presentation from Malin Waipoura from Wellington College who attended the 28th Rotary National Science and Technology Forum in Auckland over January.  The forum had a strong impact on Mailn – personally and in relation to his studies – and he has now committed to studying engineering. Mailin highlighted the range of science modules and visits he undertook and the camaraderie that developed very quickly across the group.  He especially enjoyed the robotics project work. The passion and inspiration provided by the keynote speaker Michelle Dickinson (aka nonogirl) also got a special mention. Malin expressed his deep appreciation of the support offered by our Club to make his attendance possible.



And, finally, we had a new member talk from Julie Hood.  Julie gave us a set of personal and illuminating insights in her talk “Four endings and a beginning”.  The endings were her job, a friendship, a relationship and a car.  For the second time Julie chose to leave a job – in this case CE of the Veterinary Association of NZ – after 10 years to take a career break and explore “what next” for her.  The benefit of purposely taking the time out to refresh and regroup came through clearly.  Also in recent times Julie lost a dear friend to cancer and had a relationship end.  All these events are life changing and, to top it off, her much loved and highly symbolic Saab convertible died unceremoniously and had to be traded in for a Kia.  Through all of this Julie has been inspired by the experiences and wisdom of others – she shared some of her favourite quotes and books – and sees her current stage in life as an exciting new beginning.