From left: John Williams, Steve Lawton, Adam Colman, Gillian Robertson, Jamie Brunton and Liam Dick

“Everyone person you meet with inspire you in some way” (Liam)

This week we heard from the three most recent RYLA-ians that we sponsored onto this programme. Steve Lawton (Mr RYLA) introduced the trio of Adam, Liam and Jamie, noting that they bring to 18 the number of people that we have sponsored onto the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards over the last five years. Steve also paid tribute to Warwick Bell and John Williams, who has just completed his 14th year as facilitator, reminding us that both (and Steve too, for that matter) had been awarded PHFs for their enormous contribution to RYLA.

These three very impressive young men spoke in turn about their takw-aways and learnings from the programme. Specific highlights included our own Gaylene, with special mention for the “Fish” and “First follower” videos (check both out – they’re great), the inspirational team of our Governor General and her husband, hearing about the various challenges that key speakers had overcome, the Adrenalin Forest (high wires course) and the great teamwork and camaraderie of the five days.

A key takeaway message for all participants was that a characteristic of leadership is the willingness to take on the opportunities that life gives you, to do your best, own the consequences and move on. Liam summaried the programme in five words: enthuasic; empowering; rewarding; fun and inspiring – with his noting that everyone is inspiring in some way.

All three of our speakers intend to keep up the RYLA energy and vibe through SMART goal setting, engaging in service, and being more deliberate about making the most of each day – a possibly saluatory reminder to the rest of us to do likewise!

The trio concluded with a Scout’s version of congratulating someone the “BRAVO”.  You had to be there ;-).