Posted by Ed Hamilton on May 16, 2017
John's talk under the heading "Life so Far" was about new members and his background for credibility. He has been a member for 10 years and was introduced by Carol Johnson, who also came to talk. He became a member on 7 May 2007 and also introduced his wife Rosemary Bishop who married him 40 years ago. He is a successful man and she is a very surprised woman.
He was born in Hastings and grew up in Lower Hutt, Wellington and Christchurch. He went to school in Karori and then Wellington College. His interests at school were debating, drama and a bit of rugby. At university he gained his MA honours in political science.
In 1975 he returned to Wellington where he became a public servant, then joined Radio New Zealand and later TV news. In 1981 the country's  economic development was a great field in journalism for John. He later went to Parliament to observe politics under Bill Rawling, Muldoon and Helen Clark. Other aspects of his journalism career included the Mount Erebus air crash in 1979, where Air New Zealand lost a plane with no survivors, in 1981 the Mr Asia Drug Trial and in 1984 the general election for Muldoon. At a conference in New Delhi he met Margaret Thatcher's husband Denis who. kicked him on his leg. Dennis's family came from Wanganui. In 1987 he joined a PR firm, as it was well paid etc, and in 1996 he went solo .
His interest in Rotary came from motivation and curiosity. Why people do stuff and have great ideas and the source of their motivation,religion, and helping others is important and works with the Chamber of Commerce in Wellington. His catch cry is "Let's Be Proud Rotarians". He will seek to lead not to manage. Giving service and being helpful is a clear-sighted focus, which doesn't rule out having fun. He hopes to build better Sergeants Sessions, get more of us doing stuff and build a better club, which includes bringing others into the club.