Rotary has served us well over the last hundred years.We're now looking to how we can create a sustainable future.
We need help to ensure that Rotary thrives in our region. It may be that the regionalisation pilot we have been invited to participate in is the answer being searched for.
DG-Elect Wayne Gordon spoke to the club on 31 August about this pilot. The video he presented, and a website for more info is in David Barnes' report.
District Governor-elect Wayne spoke to us about his goal of using regionalisation to create greater opportunities for existing Rotarians, and to attract new members.
Our region, which includes Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific is one of two around the world selected to pilot a new regional approach to governance. The objective of this pilot initiative is to provide better support for clubs, enhance engagement with our communities and improve the impact and reach of Rotary.
This comes at a time of relative decline for Rotary in our area. Wayne said that the number of Rotarians has fallen by 24% in recent years. This contrasts sharply with the growth Rotary has experienced in regions such as Africa and Asia. 
Proposed regionalisation is expected to increase leadership opportunities, strengthen Rotary's branding and reduce duplication.
Specifically, Rotary International envisages new forms of membership, specialist assistance available for clubs, and a greater emphasis on partnerships and collaboration.
The design phase will be completed by the end of 2022 and Rotary Clubs will be asked to vote on whether they agree with proposals. If agreed, these would be implemented by 2026.
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