What has our club been up to? - Lead by President Mark and a few words from some of our club committee directors....
Mark Cassidy, as President, introduced The Business meeting as an opportunity for members to learn and appreciate the various activities undertaken by members of the club.
The first presentation was made by Marc Rands of the Service Committee specifying the current activities including the Wellington Hospital collection and the Blood Pressure Awareness activity (Brent ), the cleaning/clearing activity at Zealandia (Bev and Richard), Kahurangi School (Stuart, Geoff and Nicola), Goal Setters and Quiz Night, which we will try and combine with the Wellington Club. Marc also advised a circulation board to let people know other items we can do including charity auctions and the 22nd Goal Setters to see whether there are any sponsors.
Juliet Palmer then referred to the Youth Space and Use Committee associated with Wellington College and Wellington Girls. The focus was to fund and vet candidates and go to events. Other Items mentioned were RYLA (Rotary youth leadership awards) targeting 18-24-year-olds-(Steve Lawton), RYPEN  the Rotary youth programme of enrichment  (Juliet and Hayley), ROTARACT targeting 18 to 30-year-olds which empowers students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities (Lisa and Victoria), Peer Support (Juliet and Jane), Rotary Science Forum (Rob, Julian and Geoff), NZ Business Week benefiting the applicants and the community (Dawn, Geoff and Victoria), Outward Bound where candidates pay but have some support from Rotary , and Overseas Exchange which enables young people from other countries to come to New Zealand and vice versa.
The last presentation was made by Brent covering the new Club Runner, an award-winning membership management and communication platform serving thousands of Rotary clubs throughout the world. (Brent and Christa). This is still very much in development at the present time and should cover finding people to fill in the gaps on Wednesday, organising Changeover, the Christmas party and membership drive (by letting people realise what a good time we have at Port Nicholson). Club Runner is a new platform for our website currently being generated by Brent who will be pleased to receive any feedback on it. Club Runner has number of templates which we will be able to use where we can click on events and enter name. There is likely to be more meetings on Club Runner in the near future.