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Port Nicholson
Wellington Waterfront
Te Papa Forecourt

New Zealand
Hello Trappers – and Friends of Trappers
We are at the operations stage of our trapping project and we have had a great response from volunteers to service the traps over the next 3 months as per the table below. Additional volunteers to fill the available slots would be appreciated.
However, there are only a few who know the location of all traps. So - this weekend we will do a walk around with as many Trappers and other volunteers as would like to join us. While anyone servicing the traps needs to have completed the WCC induction, anyone can provide support – and be a trap spotter.
We will do only one walk around but I will send out 2 invitations. One for Saturday and one for Sunday. Please respond to both. The one that suits the most members is the one I’ll lock in and confirm later in the week.
Again - many thanks for your support
Week Ending (Sunday) Volunteer 1 Volunteer 2
Nov 17   Marc Rands
Nov 24 Howard Tong & Jenny Marc Rands
Dec 1 Rick Hughes David Shackleton
Dec 8 Jeff Lee  
Dec 15 Rick Hughes  
Dec 22 Brenda Lazelle Dave Lazelle
Dec 29 David Shackleton  
Jan 5    
Jan 12 Howard Tong Jenny Flannigan-Tong
Jan 19 Jeff Lee Paula Smith 
Jan 26 Paula Smith Dennis Small
Feb 2 Brenda Lazelle Dave Lazelle
Programme Review    
Please note: I have used Sunday as the service day for the week, but feel free to negotiate an alternative day to suit with your Service Volunteer Partner;
If your allocated day doesn't suit please swap.