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Port Nicholson
South Wairarapa

New Zealand
At last weeks meeting I proposed the Perambulators do the Patuna Chasm walk next year.
This walk is on private property and goes through an amazing river chasm. The property is 20 minutes out of Martinborough and the walk takes 3 hours.  For a good part of the walk you are walking through the river.
Look at the link below for further details.
The cost to do the walk is $42 per person and it needs to be booked well in advance.
I am proposing that we look at either Sunday 26 February or Sunday 12 March.  Currently there is availability on both dates for a group of 20 people.  The 26 February date would require a start time of 9.30am, however the 12 March date would allow a later starting time of 10.30am.
As bookings are required to be made online with payment in advance, I require a firm commitment from you if you want to go.
The first option for 26 February would require participants to leave Wellington no later than 7.30am to be ready to start the trip from Patuna Farm at 9.30am.  Google maps shows it as 97.7km from Wellington Railway Station with a travel time of 1 hour 31 minutes.
If you would like to join us in February please register yourself and any guests.  I will do the registrations with Patuna Farms in bulk.. Registration will commit you to payment of $42 per person and in the event of cancellation will be subject to the rules set out on the Patuna Chasm site.
If you cannot make 26 February and/or prefer 12 March please advise in the comments section.  If there is enough interest we may be able to organise another event.
As the current availability may change quickly I require responses no later than 7pm Wednesday 30 November.