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Port Nicholson
589 Kiriwhakapapa Road
New Zealand

This has become a much looked forward to annual event on the Perambulators' calendar.  The hospitality is extraordinary so you are guaranteed a fantastic day out.

A chance to explore Julian and Sue's place and their off the grid culture.  Julian has been granted permission from his neighbours, to take us onto their land, so we will be walking on completely new territory.

We will start an hour later, than we have been, due to the extra time it will take to get there.

Detailed instructions from Julian:

"The address is 589 Kiriwhakapapa Road, Masterton. If you get lost phone 06 370 8422 and hope for an answer.
To get there from Wellington will take at least two hours of driving (1 hour 48 minutes from Wellington Railway Station according to Google see attached), excluding any stops for cups of coffee. The starting time is 10.30 am and under the strict rules of the Perambulators, I understand we start at precisely 10.30 am. Late arrival is not tolerated, so I am told.
I assume you can find Masterton. Once there carry on to the north on SH 2, aiming for Eketahuna, via any of the routes through town or the bypass. Approximately 15 km north of Masterton you will see a double bend in the road, a 75 kph advisory sign and a bunch of pine trees ahead of you before the first bend. It is good advice to heed the speed limit because within about 100 metres on the left is the turn off down Kiriwhakapapa Road. Mount Bruce hall is on the corner, along with a sign mentioning Miki Miki school, but these are there just to confuse.
Drive down this side road for 5.89 km. The last two kilometres are gravel so it is best to keep below 100 kph on this bit as in places the drop into the river on the right will jar your fillings. There may also be farmers carrying out their daily work.  At precisely 5.89 kilometres is 589 Kiriwhakapapa Road on the left – the number is on the gate. The gate should be open and a sign outside. Proceed through the gate and up the drive, slowly as I have to maintain it and shovelling gravel is no fun. Run over any rabbits on the way as they are a menace and when you get to the top there is plenty of parking.
At the end of the walk there will be coffee, tea, cake and buns.

Bring a plate (preferably with food on it) to assist with catering for lunch.  We will arrange this once we have an idea of how many are coming.

If you need a ride please email me and we will arrange something for you.