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Port Nicholson

New Zealand

Sunday 23 August for our next walk to the Centre of New Zealand.

This track is no longer open to the Public.  Linda has succeeded in gaining permission from the landowner for the Perambulators to cross his land.  Another very special trip brought to you by the Perambulator's sub-committee.  Don't miss out - you have plenty of time to re-arrange your affairs.

This is a there and back track of about 16km total. It is a steady climb for about 2 ½ hours to the plaque that marks the centre of continental New Zealand. Then it is an extra half hour to spectacular views from the summit of Mt Reeves. Return back down the same track. Allow 5-6 hours for the return trip.

The start of the track is at the end of Waiohine Valley Road, west of Greytown,  and then across farm land. Meet at the Woodside station at 9am and convoy in carpools from there as there is not a lot of parking at the road end and no cell phone coverage. This is about an hour and a quarter drive from Wellington. If anyone wants to come and stay the night at our place at Morisons Bush very near to Greytown, then you are welcome. It would save the early start in the morning.  

People are welcome to come back to our place afterwards for coffee.



  • Good sturdy footwear
  • Packed lunch
  • Warm and waterproof layers – top out of bushline
  • Togs for soak in the Wellington’s hot tub afterwards.

Here is another description of the walk


9.1 Woodside to Mt Reeves Family Group

Up: From the car park at the Waiohine Valley road-end on the TR, the route crosses a small culverted stream, follows N along a farm road, and then rises away from the river to a terrace about 15 minutes from the car park. From this first crest of the road, the route is marked by a small green and yellow sign in a paddock behind an electric fence. After a steep 5 minute climb to the paddock’s top, the route enters pines near a large orange triangle. From here, the benched track to Reeves will be picked up leading L. This is the start of the old Greytown - Otaki Tourist Co's track. One hour from the road-end an open top offers a good spot for the first spell at .569. Beyond this, the track drops through a small saddle to enter better bush, then climbs to the track junction near knob .745, another hour on. From .745 the old well-defined pack track climbs gradually through bush, then old burn areas to the summit of Reeves, some 45 minutes distant – less than 3 hours from the road-end.

About 15 minutes past the track junction near .745, there is a small cairn marking a 100-year-old camp site, probably used by the original track makers. Five minutes further on is a large plaque marking the centre of New Zealand's Extended Continental Shelf.