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Port Nicholson
Leuven Bar
135-137 Featherston Street
Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand

On 16 October we are returning to the Leuven Bar in Featherston Street for an informal breakfast meeting. 


The June meeting there was a resounding success.  President David has listened to your requets and we are doing it again. 

The special breakfast plus a cup of coffee will cost approximately $14.00 - a pretty good deal! - however the full menu is available.  Everybody will pay individually for what they consume - breakfast, beer, orange juice, coffee. 

RSVP ASAP but no later than 7am on Monday 14th October. Please remember to include any guests.

Members please reply whether you are, or are not, coming to the meeting.  Thank you.  Remember that if you have completed the registration process properly you will immediately receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive the confirmation email you may have forgotten to press "save" at the bottom of the registration page. Please go back and check.

Please advise if you have special dietary requirements in the comments box on the registration page. I will alert the management however, you will be able to choose something that meets your needs as the full menu is open to choose from.