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Port Nicholson
The Wellington Club
Level 5, 88 The Terrace
Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand

This week at the Wellington Club. 

Our speaker is President David Shackleton - the myths and pitfalls of Rotary Club planning - strategies and objectives for the year ahead.

Part 2 of Brent Gerrard, The Dummies Guide to Block Chains, AI and other innovations.

RSVP ASAP but no later than 3pm on Monday 15th July. Please remember to include any guests you are bringing.

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You will have received a request from our Treasurer, Nick, to make an advance payment to the Club bank account to cover your attendance at the next month's breakfast meetings.  This is the beginning of the new system for paying for weekly meetings.  It is designed to simplify and streamline the process at the registration desk by doing away with the need to handle cash for member's breakfasts.  The process has been discussed over the last few months and has met with general agreement as a better way forward.

Your attendance will still be recorded as the basis for deducting the weekly charge against your account.  Guests and non-members will still need to pay in cash.  Obviously you will need to bring some cash for paying Sergeant's fines and Buy the Box.